Important Note

Kampfgruppe Schottland is a Living History Group and we neither condone nor promote Nazi or extremist ideals, views, propaganda or politics. We vet our Members and will not accept or tolerate such behaviours or opinions.

We are about the history - not the politics!

COVID Restrictions

Please note that due to uncertainties surrounding the current pandemic, all 2021 events are currently cancelled. This may change over the course of the year. In addition, new membership applications are also suspended as we are not able to sufficiently vet new applicants.

Please check back for more information, or contact us directly for further details and updates.

Stay safe!

A Few Important Points

We are strict about our authenticity and our impression and have an approved Kit List for your basic impression for both units and we would advise you to buy NOTHING without referring to that list. If in doubt, ASK FIRST as it can be frustrating to buy something you cannot wear on display.

Membership is £30.00 per year (or part) payable by 31st January of each year and this includes your Public Liability Insurance for attending our Events.

For various reasons including insurance and handling replica firearms, all Members must be 18 or over.

We are happy to accept members from across the UK but you may have a local group more suited to your needs. If it HAS to be us (we are very good and highly regarded..!) please bear in mind our Scottish location. You will still be asked and expected to attend events in Scotland.

Travel to and from events and transportation of your kit will be your responsibility and, whilst members are happy to help where they can, space is at a premium and there may simply be no room to get you where you need to be.

Most shows take place on weekends but there are occasions where there may a requirement for weekday attendance or travel. Obviously, we appreciate that not everyone can make everything we all have lives/jobs/Xbox's who like to see us too, but if you commit to a show you must do all you can to attend as late cry-offs are frustrating and affect the manning of the display.


Sometimes overlooked, but if you wear glasses you will have to buy period type frames or wear contacts. Modern frames cannot be worn on display so make sure you get this covered!


The standard infantry weapon of the German Army in WW2 was the Mauser K98 and you are encouraged to buy one of these.

If you currently hold an FAC or are thinking of applying for one, speak to us first as we require Weapons Safety Training to be undertaken before you will be authorised to use a live-firer in context with the Group.

Once an active member of the Group, you will be entitled to buy replica and blank-firing weapons under the exemption in the VCR Act 2007 (the firearm specific section is available here). This is not an automatic benefit of joining and you have to show commitment to the Group by attending events.

Thinking of buying something big? Check first! we have to make sure it's in context and that we have the manpower available to utilise it.

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