Important Note

Kampfgruppe Schottland is a Living History Group and we neither condone nor promote Nazi or extremist ideals, views, propaganda or politics. We vet our Members and will not accept or tolerate such behaviours or opinions.

We are about the history - not the politics!

Corporate Events

Kampfgruppe Schottland are available for hire for your events.

We can put on an impressive display of blank-fire infantry manoeuvers with qualified pyrotechnicians to suit your show and your budget.

We are well versed in both ad-hoc tactics and strategy and also the historical battles our units took part in, allowing demonstrations of teamwork, communication and action in a crowd pleasing way!

Please make a no-commitment enquiry as early as your schedule allows!

Kampfgruppe Schottland are available for hire for film, TV and media work bringing knowledgeable and accurate representations to your production.

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