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Kampfgruppe Schottland is a Living History Group and we neither condone nor promote Nazi or extremist ideals, views, propaganda or politics. We vet our Members and will not accept or tolerate such behaviours or opinions.

We are about the history - not the politics!

COVID Restrictions

Please note that due to uncertainties surrounding the current pandemic, all 2021 events are currently cancelled. This may change over the course of the year. In addition, new membership applications are also suspended as we are not able to sufficiently vet new applicants.

Please check back for more information, or contact us directly for further details and updates.

Stay safe!


Formed in 2009, Kampfgruppe Schottland is a Scottish based living history and re-enactment group which, unusually for a UK group, represents the German military.

We portray two units: Panzer-Grenadier-Lehr Regiment 901 (Motorised Infantry) of the Panzer Lehr Division 130, representing the Wehrmacht, and the Luftland Sturm Regiment 1 of the Fallschirmjager (Paratroops) representing the Luftwaffe. Both units fought throughout the war in various forms but our focus is on the period from D-Day onwards where they engaged against Troops from all Allied Countries following the largest seaborne invasion in history.

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At our core are a group of seasoned re-enactors. We exist to enhance, promote and contribute to the growing WWII Living History community in this country.

Kampfgruppe Schottland aim to educate and entertain the public and to bring to life the wartime experience of the German soldier through our displays, our knowledge, our behaviour and our interaction with the public at events across Scotland and the UK. We also take part in organised battle displays (to the enjoyment of all concerned) and sometimes, just sometimes...we win!

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We are always open to new Members (over 18s only for a variety of reasons) who share an interest in Living History, whether experienced or brand new to the hobby.

We want to meet you first, so come to an event and come and talk to us! We're a friendly Group and easy to get along with on and off display. If you are experienced, we are sure you will find our attention to detail, impression and drive to be every bit as good as you are used to, if not better - if you are new, it can seem like a fun hobby (and it is!) but it is not cheap and will require commitment to the Group and your own development within it.

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